Let's set the scene. Your best girlfriend invites you a brunch with some of her girls. You walk in and you are immediately embraced, greeted with a tasty cocktail, and introduced to some of the best women you've not yet known. You sit down to a great meal accompanied by plenty of laughs, stories shared, truths told, pasts feel at home. The kind of home where you can put your purse down and not worry about it! It's a beautiful space that is new yet safe, intimate yet full of passion, and peaceful yet celebratory. THIS is the Celebration of Womanhood.

2019 Celebration of Womanhood Recap

On May 25, 2019, we gathered together in Philadelphia for an intimate brunch with women from Delaware, Philadelphia, and South Jersey. It was a truly beautiful event. View some of the photos from our gorgeous affair below.

2018 Celebration of Womanhood Recap

We go to plenty of events were the most popular women are recognized & they have the microphone. We've been those women! This was NOT that event. The most popular person at this event was you! 

On March 3, 2018, we hosted Celebration of Womanhood. It was an intimate dinner & social event in Philadelphia designed to celebrate the women who truly make this world go 'round! Explore the photos from our beautiful dinner.