Session Experiences

Class in Session with Dr.Avis Foley

Dr. Avis Foley delivers on the true definition of class through high-energy, thought-provoking, and motivational speech that encourages her audience to transform their lives by standing out and not fitting in.

  • In her talk, guests will learn how to:

    • Embrace Excellence-rising to the occasion to lead with courage

    • Salute Shapers- Celebrating your naysayers while pushing forward

    • Conquer Change- Pivoting on your purpose path to avoid roadblocks

Women: Mental Health and Relationships with Professor Keba Green

What is Mental Health? How do you leave a legacy of good whole mental health? As women entrepreneurs we are taught how to multitask, compromise, and organize all of our affairs. However, when it comes to our mental well being this is the one piece no one focuses on. Let’s learn how to incorporate wholeness into all of our relationships while maintaining the boundaries in all areas of our lives. We take on so much for everyone else, let’s learn to put ourselves first, and not feel guilty or ashamed for doing it. This workshop will open your eyes to what it means to “ love yourself” while taking care of others and your business.

Live Healthy: How to live a healthy life and permanently lose weight despite having a busy schedule with Tasha Turnbull

We will identify what is critical when developing a strong foundation that will assist us to develop a positive relationship with food.  We will discover what barriers we’ve currently established (as well as external barriers) that have caused us to fail in our previous quests for a healthy lifestyle and develop strategies to permanently remove them from our lifestyle.  We will leave with tips on how to make healthy decisions whether we are dining out or dining in and how to stay consistent on the journey when life stressors occur in our day-to-day routines. Lastly, we will discuss the best ways to lose weight in one month, three months, and six months, naturally, and in a safe and effective manner.