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As she consistently strives to embody excellence, Dr. Avis Foley garners wisdom and direction from celebrated leaders who have come before her. She desires for people to use her own life as a blueprint to enable them to understand the power they possess to create effectual change.

Dr. Foley is an educator, author and speaker with a mission to specially craft messages that inspire and motivate. With storytelling as her core skill, she leverages on her compelling life story and her enduring spirit of excellence to spread a message of hope, healing and triumph. Under her belt are two fictional novels that entertain and uplift in equal measure.

On her speaking platform, Dr. Foley infuses her audience with messages of purpose, excellence and leveraging yourself. Her most recent appearance was at the University of West Georgia’s Black Girl Magic Women’s Empowerment event. Before devoting her career to storytelling and speaking, Dr. Avis first launched her career in the education sector as an instructor. As an English educator with twelve years teaching experience on the secondary and collegiate level, she continually foresaw the educational gap and increased student achievement. Dr. Foley's passion for enlightenment has enabled her to inspire many youth and adult learners to surpass their potential. Dr. Foley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in English from Purdue University, Master of Arts in English Education from Troy University and a Doctor of Education in Teacher Leadership from Walden University.

To book Dr. Avis Foley for speaking engagements and book signings, contact 706.810.6552 or email at dravisfoley@gmail.com.




Tasha started as a personal trainer in 2009 and opened T2 Fitness Studios in 2011 after she realized her calling of impacting lives through her own personal testimony - successfully losing 100 pounds on her own. T2 Fitness has been the motivation behind over 4000 men and women in Hampton Roads making health and fitness a priority in their own lives via their personal training, fitness bootcamps, motivational speaking talks across the country, and the annual fitness events Tasha’s company puts on in the Coastal Virginia area of the state.

Tasha has been featured on several weight loss blogs, local, regional, and national radio and television news segments, national fitness social media campaigns, and fitness-related news publications including Sister Circle TV, Shape Magazine, Black Girls Run, The American Council on Exercise, Fox Baltimore, and BlackDoctor.Org, etc. She was featured this year as a Women To Watch in Strong Fitness Magazine’s print magazines for their April/May 2019 Issue.

Tasha was on tour with Black Girls Run’s in 2018 for their Sweat With Your Sole 10-city tour stop across the country. The nutrition workshops Tasha lead, had a profound impact on participants from Seattle, Washington to Washington, D.C., giving them insight into her previous negative relationship with food. Tasha lead participants on a journey revealing how to improve their relationship with food while empowering themselves to create a stronger foundation of self in order to improve their relationship with food..

Tasha is the author of The Last 10lbs and is an extension of her commitment to finding unique and effective ways to motivate people to reach their fitness goals and live your healthiest life possible, despite leading a busy lifestyle. Tasha offers insight in to her own pitfalls and setbacks, with regard to food and emotional eating. In The Last 10lbs, Tasha explains page- by-page, how she lost 100 lbs and what you can do to finally live your best life.

Tasha created the T2 Ultimate Nutrition Starter Plan as a way for individuals across the country to learn the tools needed to create a strong foundation for staying consistent along their health journey with regard to healthy eating and weight loss. The T2 Ultimate Nutrition Starter Online Workshop, E-Book, and private FB provides in detail how to eat with a purpose; with greater diversity in our meal choices; given a modest budget, all while having a busy schedule.

For more information, please visit www.t2empowermentgroup.com or email us at info@t2empowermentgroup.com.

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Professor Keba Richmond-Green

Keba Richmond-Green, M.A, has over 10 years of experience in the Criminal Justice field. She has interacted with culturally diverse people in many different capacities. This experience has allowed her to obtain an excellent command of written and verbal communication with special aptitude for regulations, standards, and procedures. She has experience with written ordinances, testifying in legal proceedings and possesses a high standard of excellence with strong attention to detail. As a supervisor and trainer her solid presentation skills command attention while representing various departments at civic events and meetings.

Keba is currently enrolled in Walden University pursuing her PhD in Public Policy/Public Health. Keba received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice at University of Phoenix. She has received her MA in Community Counseling and certified Marriage & Family Therapy. Certified in many areas of leadership management and crisis intervention training affords her the title expert as a mentor, workshop presenter, and group facilitator. She is dedicated to the empowerment and education of youth through her no-nonsense approach by promoting accountability, responsibility, and integrity.

Keba is the founder of DreamGirlz Unlimited, Inc and co-founder of 3 Counselors and a Couch, LLC.  Her program is dedicated in helping youth to become self-aware of past and present life experiences, which has crippled their growth and altered their worldviews. In turn, the subsequent skills gained can be taught with the purpose of empowering them to change their outlook of themselves and their lives that have blocked their opportunities for success. It introduces young women to more positive experiences in life, by exposing them to cultural events, mentoring, womanly bonding, educational trainings, group workshops, and practical life-skills by instilling in them confidence, self-love, self-respect, and self-awareness which will give a new meaning to their life.

Keba Richmond Green is an entrepreneur who owns and operates many businesses.  She works from a family systems approach and believes in theory that an individual cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole family. She works to help individuals find their place and purpose in the system, work inwards so the outer shines

Her motto “plant a seed and watch it grow” has allowed her to connect and influence many young people’s lives. Her vision, strategic execution, and analytic skills help her to work with youth to help them find their purpose and individuality. The only way to affect change is the willingness to change yourself.

Website: https://professorkebargreen.net/

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Zinnia Adams

Zinnia is a public speaker, money influencer, and creator of the 30 Day Money Challenge. A Certified Financial Education Instructor working to make personal finance a family heirloom. Financial obstacles and triumphs of her own inspired Zinnia to become a personal finance instructor. She created Perspectives and The Coins Cache to share her financial journey along with creative, real life strategies to end the paycheck to paycheck cycle. She is a personal advocate for personal finance in youth, as well as, adults.

Zinnia holds a MBA in Finance from Keller Graduate School of Management. Zinnia attended Chicago State University where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in 2014.

Website: https://perspectiveschange.com/




Signatures By Angell Catering, based out of New Castle, DE, was established July 2017 by Angell Morris, with the support of her husband James Morris.  Together their on their way to owning and operating a food truck in the New Castle County Area, with the ultimate goal of owning a bistro inspired by their first loves, food and music.

Chef Angell is a self-taught, self-proclaimed chef who has been cooking for others for 27 years, serving what she affectionately calls "Eclectic Soul Fusion". Chef Angell enjoys combining comfort foods from various cultures and unifying them for one amazing world-class bite. She serves her food with passion and you will taste her heart in everything she creates.